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At Stem Gallery, we arrange flowers for many occasions; perhaps most prominently for funerals. When it comes to memorializing an individual’s life, we’re able to add personal touches to the floral arrangements. Below, you can see funeral pieces featuring fishing gear, motorcycles, playing cards, and antlers. The possibilities go on and on, depending on how you want to remember your family member. With the largest selection of flowers in Lincoln, we will do all we can to help you commemorate your loved one.

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Casket Sprays

IMG_0711IMG_0717 IMG_0809 IMG_0816 (2)

CasketPiece8 CasketPiece9 CasketPiece10 CasketPiece11 CasketPiece12 CasketPiece13 CasketPiece14 CasketPiece15

IMG_20170627_092741751 (1)Screenshot_20170809-110810

Easel Sprays

EaselSpray8 EaselSpray7 EaselSpray6 EaselSpray5 EaselSpray4 EaselSpray3 EaselSpray2 EaselSpray1

Urn Pieces



Funeral Arrangements

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Certain props can be used for funerals, such as the candle towers, seen below.

FuneralAltar1 FuneralAltar2 FuneralChurchPic2-1 IMG_6901 (2) SampsonFuneral


Other props, such as this decorative urn, can be used
to hold floral arrangements for the funeral service.


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