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The First Saturday in Oct. 2014

Waking up today, I wasn’t planning on heading out to Stem Gallery but while running errands with my dogs I thought “I am going to swing by and see what has come in for the fall season”.  Well, I don’t what makes me think that I am going to get in and out of Stem Gallery in 20 minutes when there is SO much to see, smell and eat.

Once again Fed Ex is at the door everyday with new product that Kurt, Conrad and Jessica purchased at market this summer.  Jessica’s first time to market, and she did a FABULOUS job.  If you are looking for something unique, beautiful, fun, whimsical, or breath taking, this is the place to go.

Who wouldn’t like to have any of the Santa’s shown here greeting them as they walk in your front door?  It’s not Christmas yet and they bring a smile to my face.


If you happen to be the ” Hostess with the Mostess”, and you love unique, these candles shown in the picture below are  going to make you the talk of the season.  They’re fountains!!!!! You must go in to see them.  Add these Santa plates and they won’t stop talking guaranteed.


Fountain Candles

If you haven’t been into Stem Gallery lately, you will love the remodeling (I’m not going to tell you what they’ve done) you need to see for yourself.

The holiday season is coming up fast, so make it a habit to visit this website where I will be posting more gift ideas and recipes for the holidays.

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