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Christmas is coming and Ladies night is our Christmas Premiere

The other day a good friend from my home town sent me a text saying that he and his wife had to get down to Lincoln soon, so they could see what was going on at Stem Gallery for Christmas (please note that he didn’t mention seeing me). Lucky for him I had just taken pictures of gift ideas using my cell phone the week before.  In reply, I said “Let me bring the store to you” and sent him the pictures. Since my friend was so appreciative, I thought you might like a preview of Christmas 2014 at Stem Gallery, ESPECIALLY since LadiesNight is coming up on Wed. Oct. 29, 2014. They call it Ladies night but they will be celebrating women all day long from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm with 20% off everything in the store including cut flowers and custom made silk arrangements.


I love dishware and have collected it for years. My oldest niece is just like me, so when she opens these on Christmas Day I will love to see that smile.  Who wouldn’t?


Whimsical is the word for these little guys with their beards down to their feet  herding the reindeer with legs made from sticks  and moss hooves. I can see them arranged in the middle of my table welcoming my friends for the cookie exchange we have every year (it’s my turn).  I will be serving spiced cider with Myer’s rum and hot cocoa with Kahlua to the girls in these mugs and using this platter and these plates to put all the cookies and appetizers on.


My good friends Mary and Mike collect Nutcrackers.  I love sitting in their kitchen any time,  but Christmas is special with their collection overlooking the festivities.  Wait until they see these!!!!


It seems that when it comes to Christmas, we all have traditions that entail many things: a recipe that Mom or Grandma made, gathering with close friends, caroling on Christmas Eve the list goes on forever.  It brings memories of boxes of ornaments and figurines being carried out of the basement by my Dad, who was usually mumbling something under his breath about my Mom having too much stuff or him fighting with the Christmas tree as he tried to get it in the stand.  Once he won the fight and the tree secured, my siblings and I would go about opening those boxes that were like treasure to us as we only got to see them once a year and we each had our favorite ornament.

My Grandma collected Santa’s , so when I saw these Santa’s her face came to me immediately and I thought how much she would have loved Stem Gallery.



Before I sign off you have to see these candles.  I know, you are wondering “What’s the big deal?  They’re candles.”  They aren’t just candles, they’re candle FOUNTAINS!!!!!  You are going to flip and want them on our dinner table Christmas Day.  So when you go in, ask Jessica to show them to you.

Fountain Candles

Hope to see you on the 29th and stay tuned as I will be posting more pictures and recipes for the holidays will be coming around the corner.





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