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Changes in the Gift Shop

Hey everybody!
Yes, it’s another blog post. We’re hoping to keep them coming every week or two if possible. With things getting busier as the holidays approach, it may be a challenge, but keep checking our Facebook page as well as the website for more updates.
The gift shop is progressing swimmingly, just in time for the coming fall months. With Halloween being the first holiday on the way, we have the front of the store decorated with new items that will be sure to get you in the spirit and spookify* your home.

If you’re a pumpkin fanatic (which I totally understand), then we have several options that are perfect for you. Below are some of our painted pumpkins…



… and then there are these nifty ceramic pumpkins. Whether painted or ceramic, they’re just the thing to put on a mantle or the coffee table this time of year.



If you prefer a more skeletal Halloween, we have these neat metallic skulls. They’re quite weighty, and the smaller ones also function as a bottle opener, which is pretty sweet.


This is only one of three varieties of skeleton cloches we got in for the holidays.




Maybe you have a thing for quirky Halloween candles? Well, meet these guys:




We have you covered on witches too.



Of course, pumpkins, skeletons, and witches aren’t the only things you’ll find if you venture into our gift shop this time of year. Part of what’s great about coming into the store is being able to see how everything is set up and arranged, which we hope will give you inspiration for your own home decor. And, of course, we’re always happy to talk with you and give advice on your creative projects.






Thanks for checking out our blog! If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, it’s an easy way to stay up to date with what we have going on. We hope to see you soon!



PS: In case you’re concerned about the upcoming holiday food and desserts, just remember:





*No, spookify isn’t actually a word. Oh well.

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